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THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA reaches out with this objective to be able to create an awareness that YOU ARE WHOLE AND COMPLETE and everything that you need lies deep within yourself and all you have to do is RECONNECT TO YOUR INNER RESOURCES and you have access to the limitless potential and abundance that can forward you in this physical embodiment.

If there is A DESIRE TO HEAL YOURSELF to be able to face LIFE fearlessly,contact us at our Centers for INDIVIDUAL THERAPIES through a one to one Session.

If there is a deep innate desire to REACH OUT AND HEAL OTHERS through a modality that is Harmless, Non-Invasive and EMPOWERS WHILST HEALING then explore our CAREER ORIENTED Hypnotherapy, Regression & Past Life Therapy and Special Courses. We give you Hands On Training at our Centers to enable you to work on yourself through our Practicals and then reach out and make a difference to others and the World around you

The Hypnotherapy School of India (HSI) is based in Delhi.
We conduct classes all over India

Hi Everyone Please read this carefully and Support us to Create AWARENESS by Sharing and Circulating this to enable ALL Individuals to take ACTION on time..... EMOTIONAL & MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING Some Persistent SYMPTOMS that Indicate ALL IS NOT WELL at the Emotional and Mental Levels of an Individual BEHAVIOUR Abusive - Agitation - Excessive Crying - Irritability - Blaming - Frustration - Not Trusting - Doubting - Indecisiveness - Don't care attitude..... MOODS Anxiety -....


REGRESSION - HYPNOSIS - HYPNOTHERAPY -INTROSPECTION - PAST LIFE - MIND CONTROL These are some of the many modalities that THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA (HSI) uses to give individuals back their Own Power through SELF ACCEPTANCE Accepting Every Aspect of themselves – good or bad – and bringing their Shadows into the Light with Awareness – Acceptance with Responsibility and being in Action at all times We did an Exercise with an Broken Mirror some time ago – Many participants w....


MANIFEST A HEALTHY BODY A REFLECTIVE MIND & A HOLISTIC LIFE BLOSSOM FURTADO It happened a long time ago – I cannot remember how old I must have been – maybe 3 or 4 years – we were visiting my maternal grandparents home and so was my mothers eldest sister and her family. There was a party at home one evening and my Aunt and Uncle with my Mom and Dad walked the long pathway to the gate to see off some friends. My cousin brother and I decided to accompany them – it was late in the night. ....

Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr Blossom Furtado on India's most popular channel. Hypnotherapy & Past life Therapy. Exclusive HEALING TOUCH programme featuring Dr Blossom Furtado on national channel. Dr Blossom Furtado Explaining the benefits of Hypnotheraphy on Star News. Dr.Furtado quoted in Indiatimes on Dream Therapy. Many queued up to see Blossom Furtado, Hypnotherapist, at the Trade Fair. Hypnosis, flower therapy on offer. 40 attend cancer workshop at Max Hospital. 40 attend cancer workshop at Max Hospital. 40 attend cancer workshop at Max Hospital. 40 attend cancer workshop at Max Hospital. 40 attend cancer workshop at Max Hospital. 40 attend cancer workshop at Max Hospital.
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