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  • Hi Everyone Please read this carefully and Support us to Create AWARENESS by Sharing and Circulating this to enable ALL Individuals to take ACTION on time..... EMOTIONAL & MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING Some Persistent SYMPTOMS that Indicate ALL IS NOT WELL at the Emotional and Mental Levels of an Individual BEHAVIOUR Abusive - Agitation - Excessive Crying - Irritability - Blaming - Frustration - Not Trusting - Doubting - Indecisiveness - Don't care attitude..... MOODS Anxiety -....
  • REGRESSION - HYPNOSIS - HYPNOTHERAPY -INTROSPECTION - PAST LIFE - MIND CONTROL These are some of the many modalities that THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA (HSI) uses to give individuals back their Own Power through SELF ACCEPTANCE Accepting Every Aspect of themselves good or bad and bringing their Shadows into the Light with Awareness Acceptance with Responsibility and being in Action at all times We did an Exercise with an Broken Mirror some time ago Many participants...
  • MANIFEST A HEALTHY BODY A REFLECTIVE MIND & A HOLISTIC LIFE BLOSSOM FURTADO It happened a long time ago I cannot remember how old I must have been maybe 3 or 4 years we were visiting my maternal grandparents home and so was my mothers eldest sister and her family. There was a party at home one evening and my Aunt and Uncle with my Mom and Dad walked the long pathway to the gate to see off some friends. My cousin brother and I decided to accompany them it was late in the night...
  • Hi Everyone Please read this carefully and Support us to Create AWARENESS by Sharing and Circulating this to enable ALL Individuals to take ACTION on time..... EMOTIONAL & MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING Some Persistent SYMPTOMS that Indicate ALL IS NOT WELL at the Emotional and Mental Levels of an Individual BEHAVIOUR Abusive - Agitation - Excessive Crying - Irritability - Blaming - Frustration - Not Trusting - Doubting - Indecisiveness - Don't care attitude..... MOODS Anxiety -....
  • REGRESSION - HYPNOSIS - HYPNOTHERAPY -INTROSPECTION - PAST LIFE - MIND CONTROL These are some of the many modalities that THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA (HSI) uses to give individuals back their Own Power through SELF ACCEPTANCE Accepting Every Aspect of themselves good or bad and bringing their Shadows into the Light with Awareness Acceptance with Responsibility and being in Action at all times We did an Exercise with an Broken Mirror some time ago Many participants...


Facilitate People to Heal Themselves So that They can
Run their Own Lives Effectively and Productively And Remain
Calm - Peaceful and Happy At All Times
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Dear Ma'am,
I did not realise how important would the webinar be until I went through the whole process. During the webinar i noticed that i could actually talk to my body. It responded by showing aches and pains in those areas, which I thought did not bother me earlier. When I spoke to those parts I received guidance as to why they are behaving that way. It was a beautiful experience. Thankyou so much for the most wonderful experience. God bless you. Thank you so much Rachit for organising everything so well.
Thanks and regards

Rina Gupta - January 2019

Hi Blossom,
I had a very deep session during the Webinar - I had chosen three areas but my solar plexus area and chest area showed up in addition releasing and letting go left over pent up emotions. And clearing the congestion that I have had. I felt red color coming out of my body also . The second area was my brain that was felt need to connect to my higher self. I felt a release of so much clutter from my brain and forehead and sinus . I felt the need to be connected strongly to my higher self and not be affected by external influence. Feel light and clear. Third my legs and ankles that have been improving are normal now. I am ready to walk the walk and go forward with everything in life. Lastly, I had a private session with Chitra and felt like a big tree with the roots and leaves was lifted out of my torso, and above, clearing my shoulder and neck pain. The left over deep deep root nodules were also pulled out and thrown in the webinar. I felt so happy. At the end of the webinar, I felt like a new person who has been cleaned up from all the garbage collected in terms of physical pain and emotion. I then got the knowing that I need to cherish this new self , every part of my body to be healthy and successful and happy. I also felt so much fat going out of my hip area and that I love myself and I do not need that extra protection since I am independently strong and complete. My body is so vital to my life and it is needed to support my life purpose. So I cherish it . Blossom, I am back with full force to walk my life. I love it and am healthy, confident, clear, loving, happy and successful. Thank You so much for giving us opportunities to become a better person as a whole.
Love You.....

Haropriya - USA - January 2019

Good Evening Everyone,
I want to share something with you all! Last year 2018 I worked extensively on my relationship with dad- he was against my decision of choosing hypnotherapy and there was marked tension between us. We wouldn't even sit around each other because any conversation would lead to a fight. He would avoid talking about my work in front of all our relatives because he thought that his self esteem would go down. Then I realised that I have self worth and ego issues because of which I am attracting all of this. Also, no matter how he spoke to me I decided to respond differently- coming from a space of gratitude and unconditional love- because since childhood he has done a lot for me. So this is what happened: He had a bleeding wart on his finger for 6 months and the doctor recommended him to get surgery done or the finger bone would be damaged for life. That is when he decided to come to me for therapy. After one cognitive session, the size of the wart decreased by 25% and he attributed it to Apple Cider Vinegar!! I was hurt..I have to admit and i shared it with mam in the level 3 review also that happened in december. But Rachit advised me to focus on the intent of the session. I accepted his advice because I knew what he was saying was the truth. So i felt good about my work and had faith in myself and the Universe.Also I did not ask dad to take another session because he thought ACV would cure it. However,the Universe had something else in mind. His wart grew bigger by 50% in the next 5 days and he tried all herbal remedies but to no avail. Then he came to me and apologised. He had a realisation. He valued me and my work. In 2 cognitive sessions his wart completely vanished. In 18 days! He was an amazing client!! He gave full credit to me and shared it with all our relatives, saying how proud he was of me. All my relatives now want sessions from me ?? Thank you ma'am.. I do not think I can ever thank you, Pallavi, Shikha and Rachit enough Sending you all pictures.

Manish Verma - January 2019

I am extremely surprised with how Universe unfolds itself... as I am approaching 30, I started realising the importance of keeping my physical health in shape. I even made that as my next year resolution...'to be healthy, strong and vital'. Everything seem to be going well, that last week, out of nowhere I caught fever. I don't remember having a fever in last 5 years. Yet, here it was. And that fever is so severe it isn't leaving me alone at all. Meanwhile, I developed throat infection as well. Got all tests done. And, reports said it's normal viral. But, for me, it has got prolonged & very painful. Today, as I saw this affirmation, I realised of my resolution and how determined I was to develop strength. Blossom Ma'am chose this particular topic for this week is no coincident for me. I am still astonished how universe works in mysterious ways. Thank you so much Ma'am for your intuitive guidance and love for us.

Karishma - December 2018

Thank you Blossom and Rachit. The experience during the Webinar was truly rewarding. I am so grateful for the efforts / time / energy you put into each session. Every session is so unique and transformational.
Thank you
- For giving us opportunities to improve our quality of life
- For making it easier for me and others to work on ourselves
- Doing it on a Sunday Morning
- Making it affordable
- For making it easier for us to login and connect
- For ensuring we have a proper Audio connectivity
- Allowing us to share our experiences
- Making the affirmations interesting and powerful
- For all the accompanying beautiful images I was flipping through all the affirmations we have done so far Kudos to the team who have worked on it so much of love and thought has gone into it. FYI I am using these affirmations in our practice sessions also and definetly it is rewarding. Love - Bless - Gratitude for all the continuous support you are providing Love

Chithra - December 2018

It has been a great year - Working on myself - I am so grateful to the universe for all the love and support it gives me. Today, for the first time in my life, i sat on a plane without any fear, i quite enjoyed the ride, right down to the landing and kept looking down the landscape, knowing that i am protected. This is also the first time that i didn't have any anxiety dreams about plane crashes before a trip. I'd thought i would need really deep work and therapy to get rid of my phobia but once again the universe is letting me know how easy everything is, and that i should just trust. I was late for my connecting flight for almost an hour but they waited for me with no special request from me, turns out it was also delayed and I reached just in time. I was the only person at the check-in counter in the morning and had a breezy happy check-in. After i was done i looked back and saw a long line forming, i was not early, not late. What i did differently was to just remind myself to trust the universe and be grateful for everything along the way, and it did not let me down. I am so grateful and happy for everything.

Josie - December 2018

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to share with you my most recent experience. I have been with HSI for almost 2 yrs and the positive journey in my life has been incredible. I am able to have more clarity of thought, emotion and action . I live in the US and have been traveling to India to visit my elderly parents, be of some help to my family but I also make sure that I give time to take classes with HSI to empower myself. I leave my immediate family, my routine and also spend for my trips but have been considering this a blessing for me since I grow in every trip in terms of family relationships and also self empowerment through the skills I learn in HSI. This November also I was faced with a challenge of deciding on when to land in Chennai. I knew that Blossom was teaching Level 2 and 3 on Nov 24, 25, 26 and 27th. But, my kids and extended family in the US could come home only on the 22- 24th. I wanted to do both. Be there for Thanksgiving and have my family together and also wanted to take the opportunity to grow myself attending the reviews for the level 2 and 3. After a lot of contemplation, I decided that I stay in my home, have my family get togethers, spend time with them and then land in Chennai. I wrote to Blossom recently and she suggested that I share my experience with all of you. This is what I wrote...
Dear Blossom I really missed the sessions this time.but I did have big time family gatherings. I am glad I made that decision. This is where the BALANCE is necessary. I leave today(28th) to Chennai . Hoping to meet you in Jan . I am going to work on a client in Chennai .........
Instead of feeling that I lost an opportunity, I feel I made the right decision and also look at this as a chance for me to do self improvement, self study and empower myself more. I need to study and use what I have learnt practically. I take this as an opportunity to gain practical experience. Lastly, I say my AFFIRMATIONS regularly and find they help me BALANCE my life and be grounded. I have also used them to achieve simple goals like swimming without fear., responding better to my environment instead of reacting , clarity in my expression, loss of weight. Productivity etc etc. I am trying to make a positive impact on myself and my environment through the language I use, my approach, my courage, clarity and confidence. I continue to grow everyday and I know now that there is reason that things happen. Thank You Blossom for all the knowledge you pour out. This group is a wonderful link to keep us motivated and in positive action. I also would like to thank Chitra for her help. Her practicals are always so educational and reinforces what we learn beautifully. Also, thanks to all the team for being there. I look forward to more positive growth for myself and also sharing that to our world.
Have a joyous life!
Love and Light to all

Haripriya - November 2018

Hello friends... Iam Agnes and I am making a difference in the school where I am working. I had a cognitive sessions with teachers regarding energy balancing and the importance of reinforcing positive energies. What I want to share here is when few teachers asked me that how am I completely in charge of myself and how do I manage to handle children positively... Even our coordinator said ,"you spread lot of positivity wherever you go...you look charged always.." I am so thankful to the Universe and the team of HSI for bringing in this noticeable changes in me...
Love and gratitude..

Agnes - November 2018

Good Morning Everyone,
I would like to share my today's morning experience.. I reached Kashmere Gate at around 5 am. I was traveling with a friend.. Early morning many auto men were approaching us if we need an auto... My friend snapped at one auto driver and was extremely rude to him. At that very moment my tongue automatically rolled up and I didn't get effected by the situation. That moment I realised that I have been using the techniques intentionally for so many times that when the incident happened it was a reflex and I didn't even have to think about as to what is to be done. It was easily taken care of.. To be honest it was like a proud moment for me. Thank you Blossom for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.. It makes a huge difference, it did to me.
Something else also happened, I reached home and had to transfer few pictures in my laptop.. My laptop battery was really low and I had to charge it. My laptop got shut and I went looking for my charger. I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked around everywhere possible, to my surprise for the first time I wasn't annoyed at my parents. I used to be a kind of a person who would get frustrated if my things get misplaced or if someone put my belongings at random without my awareness. So.. Few moments back very politely I asked my mom and dad whether they have seen or kept my laptop charger. They said no. And I was okay with that. Not immediately, but it took me 2-3 seconds to accept. And that is a major progress and then I remembered the affirmation and it all made sense. ( I still haven't found my charger and it doesn't bother me anymore )
In life generally we create disturbances or conflicts over issues which can be handled very peacefully. I realised it was the charger against the quiet and peace of the house and family..now my mother has left for her office with a smile on her face with no tension (which used to happen otherwise). My dad is enjoying his morning tea. And I am soon going to sleep in my bed peacefully and happily after sharing this experience with you all. I wish for you all that you too can find the strength to calm the impulse and it will for sure bring a huge difference to your life.
I wish you all a beautiful morning and Thankyou once again Blossom for this magical affirmation.

Divya - November 2018

Hi Blossom,
My Father Passed 3 Years Back,
I had very rebellious Attitude towards him for being a Irresponsible Father, Later In your training I learned that I have to forgive yourself first & then others, I used to say it in my prayers and years after Gradually my hate for him which was Deep rooted had Vanished, I realized it Now. My mother is alive, I had issues with her as well but same concept I applied and now I do not have issue anymore. I think these are the very basic Blockages, we need to resolve for self liberation, no matter what other different things you try, it wont be that effective, Thank you for your Guidance.

Kapeel - November 2018

I want to share something with the group. I have been having tense relationship with my parents for many years. They didn't like my life choices, career choices, love choices and i didn't like them demanding anything from me. It even got to the point of ultimatums from my father to disown me, me packing my suitcase in secret to come back to Bangalore and the life ive made for myself. Months go by without talks with them. I am an only child so it gets more difficult from both sides with expectations, hard time giving and receiving love. But through 2 HYPNOTHERAPY SESSIONS my relationship with my parents have been fixed. This is something that many sessions of psychological counseling couldn't do. Now we understand each other and the love flows without any blockages. It hasn't change much on tbe outside but everything has changed internally with me and with them. I would recommend a session with ma'am if anyone has been struggling in this area as well as the affirmation.

Josie - November 2018

Hi Everyone!,
It's been more than a month that we're saying this affirmation. And it's been a trying month for me. There have been days I couldn't repeat this affirmation and I have said the universal affirmation instead. But what I want to share is the amazing manifestations that are happening in my finance and work life. Simply put, it's just happening effortlessly. I always felt like there was a spoke in my wheel of life. This seems gone inspite of the difficult times I'm going through now. Power of affirmation I guess!!?? With thanks to the Universe, Blossom and every member of this group.

Pallavi - October 2018

Thank you very much Blossom ji for sharing your rich experience with us. It was very helpful in becoming aware of many things in our life and beyond

Prem Anand - Chennai - Level I II and III - April 2019

Hi Mam,
Hope you have checked in and all is well. Thank you for the wonderful 4 days. I feel so relaxed and relieved - Thank you for showing the light and for always being there. I truly meant everything I said - Thank you for lifting me from where I was to help me become who I am today. I am already looking for your next visit Being there and spending time in the class is like Vipasana for me

Chithra - Trainer - Associate - HSI Chennai - April 2019

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