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Our Vision

A Universe of Love Peace & Happiness where Everyone has access to all Modalities of healing at all levels and at all times.

Our Mission

Maintain the highest standards as the professional peak body for Hypnotherapy Regression Therapy & other Integrated Therapies in India.

Maintain the highest standards for the profession in India and be recognized by the Health Ministry, Government of India and other Medical and Health Professional bodies.

Provide support to our members on an ongoing basis.

Inform the public as to the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Regression & Transpersonal Therapy & other Integrated Therapies.

Provide a Forum to upgrade the skills and knowledge in this field.

A Door marked “HITA” in every Health Care facility Worldwide.

Your Life

A skilled HYPNOTHERAPIST will work with you with your co-operation in a caring - nurturing and empowering manner – to find RESOLUTION to your Issues and facilitate you to feel better about YOURSELF and the WORLD around you.

HITA is not simply a membership body. HITA’s first priority is to ensure that the hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy profession is represented appropriately to government and other professional organisations and guidelines and standards are set up for appropriately trained persons to practice this amazing science of the Mind.

HITA will then take on its next priority which is to represent professional clinical hypnotherapists & Regression Therapists and intends to fulfil many crucial roles within the framework of the this profession. These include consistent and quality standards in training, on going professional development, professional supervision, industry and professional representation to the government and other appropriate bodies.

Registration with HITA will reflect a therapist’s willingness to demonstrate to the public a strong desire to be accountable and taking deepest possible interest in every client and to be at all times conscientious, persevering, kind, patient, thorough and trustworthy and to treat all information acquired during therapy as highly confidential.

Prospective members will be examined in the relevant areas of hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy including, psychology and counselling as well as the clinical applications of hypnotherapy. It means that we will evaluate our members not by their academic output but by how thorough and passionate they are about their profession and the application of what they have been trained in. What will really matter is that the Therapist is properly trained and is able to demonstrate the application of this Science effectively.

HITA is determined to set high ethical and professional standards for the hypnotherapy profession.

HITA’s intention is to ensure that all of our members have met a minimum criteria to ensure a safe, ethical and knowledgeable service.
Disclaimer :  

HITA does not accept any responsibility for any action taken as a result of information published within this website or for any loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, nor do they guarantee the effectiveness of treatment in individual cases or accept any liability for practitioners who fail to conform to any relevant Code of Ethics & Practice.  Purchasers of goods or services should verify with the individuals or organizations concerned that the product supplied or service provided will meet their particular needs and requirements. Whilst HITA will always attempt to ensure that the quality and standard of training provided by any listed school is maintained to their requirements, they cannot be held responsible should any such training provider fail to conform to these requirements.


HITA can neither be held responsible for any mistakes or omissions which may occur as a result of either the compilation or maintenance of their websites, nor can they be held responsible for the content of any third party website.

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