We believe in No Amputation !

Do you Know ?

* Most common cause of Amputation ( Non traumatic ) is Diabetes.

* Diabetic patients have 15 times higher risk of leg amputation.

* Every year 3 to 4 lakh amputations of lower limbs take place in India.

* 85% of lower limb amputations are preceded by trivial Diabetic Foot    Ulcer. That means most of the amputations are preventable.

* One amputation leads to other amputation. For example amputation of one    toe (e.g. Great toe) is usually followed by amputation of nearby toes,then part    or whole of the same foot or leg followed by contralateral toes, foot or leg etc.

* Reason of this phenomenon is the fact that our body weight is transferred    equally to our toes & feet and then to ground . Amputation of toes or part of    foot lead to shifting of extra weight to rest of toes and or feet,hence    remaining part of feet has to bear increased pressure.This leads to Corn/Callus    or Deformity of remaining toes or feet which lead to chronic ulcer formation    and gangrene ending into amputation.

* About 65% of diabetics who undergo lower limb amputation die within    5 years.

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