“Prevention is better then Cure”
It is true about Diabetes. There are 2 types of Diabetes:

Type I - Type I occurs usually in children, in whom insulin is not formed at all.
Type II – Type II occurs in elderly population where although quantity of insulin is more but because of “ Insulin Resistence” it is not effective.

Common symptoms of Diabetes:
1. Excessive Urination
2. Excessive Thirst
3. Excessive Hunger
4. Weight loss
5. Fatigue
6. Poor healing or non healing wound.
7. Recurrent boils on body.
8. Recurrent UTI or Vaginal Infections

Are you at risk?

Certain people in community are at increased risk of Developing Diabetes, they are :

-Individuals above 45 years

-Overweight people (Body weight more than 10% of Ideal Body Weight(IBW)

-Individuals with a family history of diabetes

-People with an irregular or no exercise schedule

-People with previously identified abnormal blood sugar levels

-Female with a history of Diabetes during Pregnancy or delivery of baby above 9 pounds (Obese new born)

-People with hypertension

-People with history of vascular disease (stroke, heart, attack).

-Those who consume fast, fatty, fried, refined, preserved and processed food, very frequently.

-Those on medication such as steroids and oral contraceptives.

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