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“Facilities at Our Centre”

A. Diagnostic Facilities

1. Complete Medical Checkup - Vitals (Pulse, BP etc.), Ht. Wt.,BMI, Systemic Exam. & Complete Foot Exam.- Sensation, Vibration( Tuning fork test), Peripheral Pulses.

2. VPT (Vibration Perception Threshold) - to findout sensation and numbness of feet

3. Peripheral Vascular Doppler - For the blockage of Arterial& Venous System of Lower Limb

4. ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) - For finding out chances of recovery of non healing lower limb wounds

5. Foot Imprint-By Harris Met - To find out abnormal peak plantar pressures

6. Body Fat Analyser - for the obese patients.

7. All laboratory Tests like Blood/Urine/ Stool etc.( see Packages) including
-.Blood Sugar & OGTT ( Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)-Blood Sugar- fasting & after 75gms of glucose

8. Test to know your Diabetic status of last 3 month-HbA1c or Glycocylated Hb

9. Test to know your Diabetic status of last 2 weeks-Fructosamine test

10. Tests to know whether you have Type I or type II Diabetes

11. Laser Thermometry   

Test To Diagnose Pre Diabetic cases for Prevention of Diabetes

B. Therapeutic Facilities

1. Comprehensive treatment & control of Diabetes Mellitus & its myriad complications-

No matter-how long Diabetes is uncontrolled?
-on OHA’s(tablets for controlling blood sugar) or insulin ?
-patients is a child of few years/Adolescents/Adult or Old ?
-On number of insulin injection ?
-on more than hundred units of insulin ?

Patients on Inj. Insulin can be shifted to tablets(oral

hypoglycemic agents) *- How?-Contact us.

Patients on 3 or 4 or more number of injection of insulin can be shifted to 2 or less no. of injection per day.

2.Treatment of all types of leg pains / foot pains no matter –pain is very severe.
- Patient
- Pain is of long duration
- Patient cannot walk

3.Treatment of planter fasciitis, calf muscles pains, heel pains,pain of metatarsal ganglia

4.Treatment of non healing chronic DIABETIC      foot ulcers
- no matter-how many ulcer are their, ulcer are their for numbers of month/year, how bad is the wound with pus discharge or sinuses

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5.Treatment of Gangrene Foot

6.Ozone Therapy - for Faster wound Healing.

7. MIRE / Anodyne Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy and Non Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcer

8.Treatment of calluses - no matter how many /how big/bed/recurrent/with wound.

Treatment of Calluses without surgery How ?

After surgery -
No pain, No Injection,No blood & Pt. can walk to home or office.
Permanent cure of Plantar Warts ( recurrent & difficult to treat )

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Treatment of Bunion.

10.Offloading devices
RCW / TCC / ITCC / offloading shoes, insole offloading devices.

11.Special Diabetic Shoes (Imported from USA & Indian made) for diabetic feet with multiple Calluses/Ulcer/Infection or permanently Numb feet.

12. TENS Therapy for Acute or Chronic leg/foot pains

13. Silicone Injection for recurrent Corns or Calluses formation.

14. Injections for recalcitrant Heel pains, Plantar Faciitis, Retrocalcaneal bursitis, Bunion, Acute Gout etc.

15. Treatment of Cracked Heels

16. Treatment of -Burning Feet

       - Tingling or Numbness of Feet or Hands
      -  Feeling of walking on Pebbles / Rocks / Soft mattress

17. Treatment of - Swollen Feet ( Edema feet )

18. Treatment of Claw Toes (Hammer/ Mallet Toes)- Simple OPD surgery / Non surgical methods to make them straight.

19. Specially made Customised Insoles for - Flat Foot
       - Foot Deformities
       - Partly amputated feet.
       - Insole fillers & Charcot Foot ( AFO )

Nail Care ( Special arrangements for pairing of deformed nails Onychogryphosis Ram's Horn Nails )

      - Treatment of Fungal Infection of feet & hands          e.g. Tineaunguium, TineaPedis etc.

      - Treatment of Charcot Foot ( One foot or both          feet) with or without Ulcer Diagnosis by                    X -Ray / MRI / Laser Thermometry and                   treatment by Offloading { Total Contact Cast          ( TCC ), Ankle Foot Orthosis ( AFO ) shoes,          Pneumatic Walker }

C. Dietician Facilities:
A trained Sr. Dietician makes Diet Chart according to the patient’s wt. ,age & disease status

D. Diabetes Educator, who educates patients & their relatives about the better management of Diabetes by taking medicines in time (as per the advice of Doctor ), regular & tailor made exercise programme & prevention of different complications of Diabetes.

Toe Crest for Claw Toes
Anti biotic loaded Beads / Cement application
PRP Application
VAC Dressing ( Vacuum Assisted Closure or NPWT )
Ankle-foot Orthoses  

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