vision mission

When people learn more about different forms of alternate therapies, they find a new path to their destiny.
We want to give more people the tools to live powerful and fulfilled lives.
Join us in our endeavour to spread peace, joy and enlightenment....and earn Aikya Rewards

How does it work ?


Each time you recommend someone for any of our workshops, you earn Aikya Rewards. These reward points have no expiration date and can be redeemed towards any of the workshops listed on our site, anywhere in the country.

Earn enough Aikya Rewards and you might be able to do an entire workshop for free !

The Details ?


Every 20 rupees spent by the person you recommend earns you 1 AIKYA. Each Aikya can be redeemed towards any workshop that we offer – For example you recommend 3 people for our Crystal Workshop which costs Rs. 6000 you earn 900 Aikyas – you recommend another 3 people for our Reconnect to your Inner Resources which costs Rs. 9000 you earn another 900 Aikyas – you can now redeem 900 + 900 = 1800 AIKYAS which is Rs.1800 and get Rs. 1800 off any of our Workshops anywhere in the country.

Aikyas never expire…. So go on adding and you might be able to do an entire Workshop free of cost

As a beginners BONUS, we'll add 100 AIKYAS to your account the moment you register.  That is Rs. 100 for just sending us an email.

To register... just send us an email with your Name, Address, Email and Phone Number. We'll add 100 AIKYAS to your account right away.

Email us at :


Light The Way.....
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