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 Blossom Furtado - 10/3/2016 6:55:13 PM


Client: Male
Issue: Unable to Sleep for the last three months
Therapist: (T) Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable and when you are comfortable say yes.
Client: (C) Yes
T Go to the first time that you were unable to sleep.
Where are you
C I don’t know - I cannot see anything – it all seems
dark, yet I can smell lavender – a kind of a floral
T How do you feel when you smell this perfume
C I feel very safe and comfortable as if my Grandmother is around me
T Where is your grandmother in the here and now
C She is not here. She died about 3 months ago. I am very close to her. She is the one who looked after me as I lost my mother when I was very young. She took care of me very well. I love her cooking and miss her very much. I mmm……….
T What is happening
C I feel she is near me and is saying something.
T What is she saying – listen and let me know
C She says that she will always be with me and that
I should not worry about anything.
T How do you experience her around you as she tells
you not to worry about anything
C I can now see her ….. she is wearing the sari in the
same manner as she normally wore it and she is
smiling. She is stroking my head …….
T Ummmmm…..
C She says that she will stroke my head every night so that I can sleep soundly and do well in my exams
T Ask her to tell you how she felt at the time of her
C She is now getting angry but not with me. She says that she is very angry with her son as he did not put in enough efforts to get my admission in a good college. She says that I don’t have to worry about this. She is now here and will make sure that I get
into a good college. She wants me to complete my

T How did she feel when she died
C She says that it is none of your business and that
you should not interfere in her life. She does not
like women like you who ask too many questions
T Oh I understand and tell her that I ask questions
so that I can guide you and her
C She says that she does not need you to guide her. She has always managed everything on her own and is quite capable of looking after me on her own.
T I understand – she must have been really very efficient and clear. I see what a nice human being you are and I am sure it must all be because of how she brought you up. Well, well what is happening now – you seem to be getting restless.
C Yes - she is making herself very comfortable. She likes what you are saying. No one told her that
she was efficient and clear. She says that most of the time they called her bossy and she did not like that one bit
T Okay that is good. Now would she like to tell me how she felt when she died.
C Yes, she says she was sad – she had not been sleeping for over a month ever since the doctors
had told her that she would have to take heavy doses of medicine if she was to get better and she
knew …..she knew that was their way of saying that she was not going to live long. She drops her head as she says this and I feel sad.
T Tell her that she has now died and needs to go back
C Go back …… oh no no I will not go anywhere. I will stay here and look after him.
T Now you know that your grandmother has done a lot for you. Do you agree with this
C Yes most certainly. I ………
T Now she has done all this for you and now she needs to rest. She needs to let you grow up now on your own. She has done her part and now you must do yours.
C What can I do for her
T You can ensure that she goes back peacefully so that you too can sleep well and not have to worry about her. And from this place where all people go to after they leave their body, she can continue to guide you without upsetting her sleep and yours as well

C She is smiling – she wants to know if you know magic
T Well umhhh
C She says you must know as otherwise how would you know so much about her and that she was causing me sleeplessness…..she worried for ……
T Now ask her if there is anything else that she wants to say to you.
C No
T Now ask her to go back to the time of her death and as I count you back from 3 to 1 – at 1 she will be there. 3 -2 – 1
C I can see the same room in the hospital where she died. My father is standing and so am I.
T Now ask her to let you know whether she is still in the body or outside of the body.
C She says she is outside the body and looking at both of us crying. I am sobbing and she holds me and pats my head. She is sad - very sad
T Now ask her to continue patting your head with a difference this time. Ask her if she is aware what she now needs to do to move on and guide you from there.
C She is not talking and yet I see a bright light all around her – it is a happy light and as she pats my head I feel a tingling in my body. It is as if this happy light is circulating all over my body. Oh ….
T What is happening
C She lifts her head and smiles at me and is now floating away – she is very happy – she tells me I will sleep very well and will do well in my exams and in my life as well.
T What happens next
C I just see her disappear into some white clouds….
T How do you feel as she has disappeared into some
white clouds
C I feel very good, very happy and very safe and comfortable
T Where do you feel this feeling in your body
C I feel it everywhere …. my whole body is happy
my whole self is happy. I am very safe, comfortable and very happy.
T Very good and now would you like to anchor
this feeling so that you could use it to empower
yourself at any time
C Yes

T Okay as I count from 5 to 0 you will slowly anchor this feeling. It is flowing through and through your body and you can anchor it in your right palm when I say 0. 5-4-3-2-1-0 Now
Now that you have anchored it in your palm, at any time in the future whenever you feel you need to boost yourself up, all you need to do is put your right palm on your left palm and mentally repeat to yourself – I am safe, comfortable and happy. I trust
the process of life. All is well.
C I feel real good
T Very good and now feeling safe, comfortable and happy and real good - slowly come back to the here and now and when you feel comfortable, you may open your eyes and come back to the here and now feeling very safe, comfortable and happy and real good


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