THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA ( HSI ) was founded in 2001 by Blossom Furtado
to reach out to people to share with them that

  • We are Immortal Spiritual Beings having a Temporary Human Experience
  • We are an Energy System we have a Physical Body and we have Subtle Bodies - Etheric Emotional - Mental Free Will and if one of them is imbalanced it will affect and impact our Physical Body manifesting in Diseases and an Unhealthy Body
  • We can Balance these bodies by Understanding the Power of our Mind the Conscious and the Subconscious and working with both
  • We have the Power to stay Healthy all the time
  • We are our Own Guru - Guide and Master

Today 18 years later we continue to reach out to make a difference to Seniors Adults - Young Adults Children from all Walks of Life through teaching you How to access your Mind Scientifically and change your old Programs & Software to New Programs and Thought Processes to be effective & Productive and remain Calm Peaceful and Happy at all times

HSI uses the Unique tool of Energy Balancing to Harmonize and Balance your Energy System and has a large Group of Students Therapists & Trainers ( we do not count as we have a long way to go ) who first work on themselves and then reach out to touch and Make a Difference to all Life forms and Mother Earth as we walk through Life.....

The Hypnotherapy School of India Hypnotherapy Courses are accepted and validated by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the UK ( GHSC ) and Recognized By The Australian Hypnotherapists Association ( AHA )

Working in the field of Self Development over the last 45 years & Trained Extensively in the Methodology of Natural Healing - Personal Development Training - Facilitating and Counseling - Blossom Furtado is a Transpersonal Trainer/Therapist - Counsellor - Teacher - Life Coach & Therapist - She specializes in various modalities of Training & Therapy - Cognitive Counseling & Coaching - Clinical - Regression & Past Life - Spirit Release (Guiding a Lost Soul after Death back to the Light) Theta - Energy Balancing - Spiritual Regression Between Lives - Crystal - Metaphysical Meditation - NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) including Relationship Counseling - Marital & Pre Marital

LECTURER delivering talks to Students at Schools from the age of 13 upwards on What Drugs do to your body her contribution TOWARDS A DRUG FREE WORLD.....

Blossom Furtado has presented her Pioneering Workshop for Cancer Patients - Caregivers and their families MIND BODY SOUL SICKNESS TO WELLNESS - The Participants have responded very well - Understanding the Mind has supported them in accepting Medical Interventions in the body from a positive angle and facilitating the body to heal from SICKNESS TO WELLNESS

Blossom is the author of HOLISTIC LIVING: Liberating and Integrating the Total Personality Through Life Changing Transformational Techniques and Therapies.

Blossom has trained and worked with a number of Masters from across the Universe and combines her learning to present her teachings to create awareness - bring about an understanding and enable the individual to take action to balance - harmonize and impact their life and live effectively - productively remaining calm - peaceful and happy at all times

She combines her vast knowledge of all the techniques to guide and enable her clients and students to first Work on themselves and experience their own Resource and Resolve their issues by themselves

She has her own Centre in Delhi - Gurgaon- Noida - Bangalore and Chennai and works with Associates in Pune - Calicut - Dharamshala - Cochin Dehradun and travels all over India to train Therapists and work with clients

  • 16 years in the Corporate Industry
  • 14 years as an Entrepreneur - Simultaneously working in the field of Self Development and Healing - Honorary Counselor - Associated with an Organization for Psycho-social support and Mental Health Care
  • 15 years since in Facilitating Therapy & Training in the field of Mental & Emotional Health

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