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If you have a Deep Innate Desire to Be More Successful in All You Do and then Reach out and Make a Difference to Others as well through a Modality that Explores - Discovers - Reframes - Resolves and Transforms at the Deep Subconscious Level of the Mind - look at our Courses - Workshops and Individual Counselling


  • Understand Origin of our Tool
  • Understand the Functioning of the Human Mind
  • Understand Suggestibility - take in and give out information
  • Understand Deep Passive State
  • Understand How an individual gets into this state
  • Understand Laws of Suggestibility
  • Understand How to Conduct a Deep Therapy Session
  • Understand Depth / Deepening Techniques for Deeper Therapy
  • Understand Post Deep State Suggestion
  • Understand Awakening - Giving back charge to the Conscious Mind
  • Facilitate a Willing Client to Help themselves
  • Be able to conduct a Pre Induction / Counseling Session
  • Be able to understand how to use Inductions
  • Be able to determine whether a client is an ES or a PS
  • Be able to compose and Script Effective Suggestions / Affirmations
  • Self Empowerment / Self Hypnosis - Skill for Life for Self
  • Be able to develop Self Confidence / Goal accomplishment
  • Understand how to facilitate Others in day to day skills
  • Be qualified to go to the next Level II

2 Days - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Vegetarian Lunch will be provided
Desire to Heal & Live an Effective & Productive Life
Completion of Level I


  • Understand Modalities - speak and listen effectively
  • Understand the Process of Hypnodrama / Passive State Dialogue
  • Understand the Energy System / Bio Energetic Field
  • Understand the Subtle Bodies - Thoughts / Emotions / Chakras
  • Understand yourself & others in the environment
  • Understand the Subconscious at a Deeper Level
  • Understand how to Access & Work with the Subconscious
  • Understand the Journey of Soul / Consciousness
  • Understand the Causes of Dysfunction in the Physical body
  • Understand how to Identify Current Challenges / Find Solutions
  • Understand and Identify the Various forms of Energy
  • Understand How to Identify and Release Incompatible Energies
  • Understand Cleansing / Energizing / Balancing the Energy System
  • Maintaining a Healthy / Well functioning Energy System

2 Days - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Vegetarian Lunch will be provided
Completion of Level I - Basic
Certification Requirements For Practitioner
A.) Successful Completion of 5 Practical Sessions under Supervision

B.) Submission of the Level II - 5 Practical Sessions in the format given at the end of Level II whether attended as Therapist / Client / Observer

C.) A Successful Demo Session - Overseen by a Certification Committee Member
Completion of Practitioner Therapy Level II - Energy Balancing

Tap Into The Genius of your Subconscious Mind and unlock its limitless power to achieve all you want in your Life - Understand your Mind - the Conscious and Subconscious and the roles they play in your day to day life at our 1 day Workshop - ask for more information.....

The ABUNDANCE theory postulates a Universe in which any individual with a positive attitude - commitment - dogged endurance - consistent action and spiritual alignment can acquire personal abundance which will lead to material abundance and wealth regardless of the reality of economic or social circumstances - Are you Grateful? Are you at Peace? Do you make Wise choices? Do you Believe in yourself? Do you have a Dream?

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them said Walt Disney.....

So get into action and ask for details of our next course and start your Journey to Access your Abundance.....

Happiness is an Emotional or Mental State of Wellbeing defined by Positive or Pleasant Emotions ranging from Contentment to Intense Joy - Are you aware that Joy and Happiness is determined by Intention Activities (40%) - Genetic Set Point (50%) and Life Circumstances (10%) - You have the Power to Reframe your Genetic set point - Set your Intention clearly and handle and deal with Life circumstances to stay joyful and happy at all times.

Check yourself for these aspect on a 1 to 10 scale - 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest :
  • Do you Love yourself ?
  • Do your Trust Yourself ?
  • Are you Honest with Yourself ?
  • Do you Communicate effectively ?
  • Are you Connected to Yourself ?
If you have hesitated in answering these questions or have given yourself anything less than 10 on any one of these you need to Explore - Discover and Resolve - To have a healthy - loving relationship with another human being you must first learn to love yourself first and our FREEDOM IN RELATIONSHIPS Workshop will show you how using the Power of your Own Mind.....

Shadows are the parts of us that we keep hidden - someone may have told us earlier in our lives that they are shameful - ugly - embarrassing and slowly are shadows take root sometimes in early childhood and our behavior - traits - feelings begin - guilt - anger - sadness sets in and since they are seen as inappropriate the subconscious mind represses these so we can carry on in life - these shadows are not sometimes experienced by others yet they hamper our growth - sabotage our career and even our relationships

We are Immortal Spiritual Being having a Temporary Human Experience and we have the ability to access our full Power and bring all our Shadows into the Light - this Workshop will show you how to bring all your shadows into the Light to enable you to experience a fulfilling - meaningful - Successful and Abundant Life in the Here and Now with Awareness - Acceptance and Understanding and Action to consistently maintain the quality of life you choose.....

Go to our page on Crystals to understand these Wonderful Friends of our who can stand by you to maintain your Energy level as you Walk through Life.....

  • Do you wait patiently for the whole question before you Answer?
  • Do you respond to the Question?
  • Do your React to the Question?
  • Do you Act and then Think?
  • Do you think and then Act?

Find out your Suggestibility - and manage and balance your verbal and non verbal communication at this Workshop to enable you to balance your way of being.....

This Workshop will train you to Reprogram old Inappropriate programs - frame Affirmation based on your present requirement - how to consciously install these Affirmations or new Programs at the Subconscious so both the Conscious and Subconscious are aligned and achieve all your Goals and aspirations as they work together.....

Parenting is a beautiful experience - joyful if executed effortlessly - frustrating if there is stress and strain - Learn the simple skills of Parenting - Being Loving no matter what - being in the moment - walking your talk - communicating and following through on what you said - communicating and working out schedules - spending quality fun time with them - getting them to reflect on the days happenings so they know what they missed and how they can manage time effectively the next day - making your home a happy safe place they can be comfortable in - spending quality time with yourself so you are able to recharge yourself to give your best - Parenting is fun and come learn the art of reframing - redirecting - rescripting so both you and your child are happy and joyful at all times.....

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