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Blossom Furtado

I just got reminded of an Article
I wrote sometime ago on Healers - Therapists - Practitioners - Doctors - Teachers - Preachers - Gurus - Leaders - Parents and Everyone that Influences us on our Journey through Life

My Journey of Self Development began a long time ago as a Young Child - going along with my Grandmother and her Friends to a Religious Event - I realised that all of them though outwardly Happy with Everything Materialistically needed - were Broken and Torn - Sad and Lonely and Trapped Inside

Growing up I saw my neighbours father slyly enter another house and spend long hours there whilst his own family was neglected and miserable and lonely

And I also noticed that most of the Women were unhappy and miserable and they got together - leaving their children in the care of Ayahs and Maids - to go out and Make Merry as they called it

I saw Teachers and Doctors and Preachers and Elders and All People Who so easily give Counsel - Advice - Sermons - Lectures and Feedback and yet not comply with what they said or as they say - Do not Walk their Talk .....

And I knew then as I truly know now that they could only give what they had within them and all that they had as THOUGHTS were - Brokenness - Wounds - Hurts - Pain - Lonely and as FEELINGS - Sad - Frustration - Anger - Helplessness - Hate - they operated from FEAR whereas they needed to function and operate from LOVE

This brought me to the Realization and Awareness that unless we HEAL from WITHIN and are Whole and Complete and In Charge Ourselves - we cannot Make a Difference - we cannot and will not be able to facilitate others as we are Wounded - Hurt and Broken inside

So to all our Therapists - Trainers - Practitioners - Mentors - Healers - Teachers - Leaders - Preachers - Guides - Parents - Ask Yourself

1.) Are you Wounded and Hurt at the Inner Level ? YES/NO

2.) Are you in Pain and yet Living a Lie to look good ? YES/NO

3.) Are you looking to find Peace and yet cannot Access this ? YES/NO

4.) Do you Embrace your Challenges Joyfully and Boldly ? YES/NO

5.) Have you Forgiven Your Past and all the People - Places and Things associated with it ? YES/NO

6.) Are you in an Attitude of Gratitude ? YES/NO

7.) Do You Love Yourself ? YES/NO

8.) Do You Trust Yourself ? YES/NO

9.) Do You Believe in Yourself ? YES/NO

10.) Do You Express Yourself fully ? YES/NO

If you have Answered YES to any of the first 3 Questions and NO to any of the next 7 Questions - then YOU have WORK to do on YOURSELF - you are Wounded

Francesca Fedele says in her Article - Why We Must Heal Ourselves First Before we become Healers Teachers or Mentors - I realised that many Wounded Healers - Mentors - Teachers - Leaders are pretending to be someone they are not - She goes on to say - the Self Help Industry and Spiritual Community have taught us to promote ourselves as Experts when we have not done the Groundwork - If you are teaching Theories to the World yet are not Practicing it in your own Daily Life - then I DO NOT Want your Help - you are not a VIBRATIONAL match for me to Heal - Take time out for YOURSELF TO DO YOUR OWN INNER WORK .....

Over the years - I have seen many individuals Bruised - Hurt and Wounded at the Inner Level and yet they set up Practices and offer Healing to Others - Is that Fair? Is it possible for someone who is bruised - hurt and wounded to offer Healing? Are we doing Good or Are we Creating more Damage to Ourselves and Others?

We can and never will be
Perfect Beings - yet if we can
put Ourselves into the
Work-in-Progress Mode and truly devote 30 Minutes a Day to Self Work and Ask for Interventions as and when needed - I feel we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE and Contribute to our World and the Universe at large.....

Look out for Opportunities that The Hypnotherapy School of India offers through our Courses - Trainings - Workshops - Retreats - Webinars and One on One Counselling to Be the Best YOU and Let us Together BE THE CHANGE that Mahatma Gandhiji talked about.....

Love Light Gratitude
Good Health & Abundance to All
Blossom Furtado


Believe in Yourself - Take on Your Challenges - Go Deep within Yourself to Conquer your Fears - Never let anyone bring you down - You Got to Keep Going says Chantal Sutherland - Canadian Model & TV Personality

And that is the Key to Accomplishing your Goals.....

Most often we all know what we need to do - we have all the information - the knowledge and the skill - What we lack is the aspect of Self Belief - it is the little demons of doubt in our mind which prevent us from implemeting our plans effectively and in a disciplined manner

Ultimately the line between Success and failure lies in the Belief in ones self and our Ability to keep at bay the Mindset which tells us we will not be able to succeed

We have built up Clarity and the Implementation plan to your Goals - Now it is time to Focus on Your Inner Belief that will Drive You to Implement effectively in an organised manner and Guide You to Success.....

Remember the Power of each of these Words as you say them to Yourself - Visualise and truly Feel them to bring this New Mindset to Reality.....

Love - Light - Good Health -
Self Belief & Abundance
Blossom Furtado

Hi Everyone,

Please read this carefully and Support us to Create AWARENESS by Sharing and Circulating this to enable ALL Individuals to take ACTION on time.....


Some Persistent SYMPTOMS that Indicate ALL IS NOT WELL at the Emotional and Mental Levels of an Individual

BEHAVIOUR Abusive - Agitation - Excessive Crying - Irritability - Blaming - Frustration - Not Trusting - Doubting - Indecisiveness - Don't care attitude.....

MOODS Anxiety - Sadness - Hopelessness - Loss of Interest - Mood swings .....

SLEEP Insomnia - Restless Sleep - Excessive Sleepiness - Early Awakening - Dozing.....

COGNITIVE Lack of concentration - Slowing down of activity - Not mixing and talking with others - Isolation - Thoughts of Helplessness.....

PHYSICAL Excessive hunger - Loss of appetite - Fatigue - Excessive weight gain - or weight loss - Excessive use of Alcohol or other substances.....


*See a Health/Medical Professional

*Talk and share - venting will release SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS and then IRRATIONAL THOUGHTS can go away

*Seek simultaneously Immediate Psychological Intervention with an Experienced and Skilled THERAPIST who works at the Subconscious Level

*Plan for atleast 4 Deep Sessions at regular intervals to RELEASE and LET GO of OLD issues

*Develop a Strong - Stable and Balanced Perspective to Life and Build Resilience to Bounce back No Matter What

So look around in your Environment - Suggest Intervention - Ask for Support - Get into ACTION to start WORK at the MIND Level to face all Challenges in Life - Your BODY is a Shadow of your MIND - so Understand and take ACTION now

The Hypnotherapy School of India offers Cognitive and Deep Psychological Interventions to facilitate you to find RESOLUTION and Move Forward

What's App or Message for a Consultation on 9811047587

Love Light and Action Blossom Furtado


These are some of the many modalities that THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA ( HSI ) uses

to give individuals back their Own Power through

SELF ACCEPTANCE Accepting Every Aspect of themselves - good or bad - and bringing their Shadows into the Light with Awareness - Acceptance with Responsibility and being in Action at all times

We did an Exercise with an Broken Mirror some time ago - Many participants were very surprised - even shocked - their response - a broken mirror - pieces of myself - how can this be possible? I am living this life with everything that I need - Freedom - Money - Relationships - the Works…

As yet as they looked deep within there is this niggling feeling sometimes that something is Still missing and they cannot put a finger on it

My younger brother - one I was quietly fond of - I actually saw him grow from a baby - a person who did everything right - a Hero so to say - a dutiful son - a protective brother - a loving husband - a doting father and an amazing Human Being - Roti - Kapda - Makaan - all going good - yet he had the Big C and died young

On the surface all was well - yet DEEP within him were FROZEN parts of himself - some he was aware of and did not do anything - some he was not aware and could not do anything

The Scriptures say that WE all have the Power to Change - Mahatma Gandhji said BE THE CHANGE - We all have this Life and so with


A.) We can thaw deep frozen parts that may exist at an iceberg level

B.) We can with Courage and Determination bring our Shadows from the Dark where we have hidden them into the Light

C.) We can with Love - Forgiveness and Gratitude Accept ourselves fully no matter what

We would then be able to Live Life fully in the Here and Now knowing and Understanding that we are all Immortal Spiritual Beings having a temporary Human experience

HSI through our Courses - Workshops and Therapy facilitates you to access your Subconscious Mind - that Genius or Higher Self part of you and take Action and then a Whole new World of Possibility opens up - a World of Love - Joy - Peace - Happiness and Fulfillment

When I think I have healed myself completely - a part pops up in pain asking to be healed and I use all the modalities and opportunities to Reconnect back to my Original Self and the Journey continues - Living in Awareness - Accepting with responsibility and Always in Action

I invite you all to Ask - Seek and find Modalities that facilitate you to look within and Reconnect to Your Own Power and keep your Remote with Yourself at all times

Love Light Gratitude

Blossom Furtado


It happened a long time ago - I cannot remember how old I must have been - maybe 3 or 4 years - we were visiting my maternal grandparents home and so was my mothers eldest sister and her family. There was a party at home one evening and my Aunt and Uncle with my Mom and Dad walked the long pathway to the gate to see off some friends. My cousin brother and I decided to accompany them - it was late in the night. We walked side by side with our parents to see them off - however on our return to the house both of us decided to race back to see who would reach first - our parents were busy chatting with each other and did not give us the usual "do not do that" instruction.

So along the path we ran - both side by side until I took off a little faster and was ahead of him - suddenly from behind a tree on the pathway - a Being stepped forward - clothed in black - red eyes - arms open wide - and walked towards me - I was scared and yet could not scream - no sound came out from my throat - it was as if time had stopped and here I was in another dimension with an unknown being terrified and still - and then in that same moment there stepped in another Being - clothed in Light - clear smiling eyes - arms open wide - and stepped in between the other Being and myself - all fear vanished - I felt calm and peaceful and slipped to the ground.

When I woke up I was in bed at home with my whole family hovering around me wondering what had happened - I tried explaining to them what happened just a little while ago - however they did not listen and went about doing their own bit to make me comfortable at the physical level.

This was the first time I realized that there was more to life than what we as "Humans" experienced and yet there was no one who would listen or explain to me what happened that night. I became reflective and quiet and kept a lot to myself - I have had many more such experiences in life as I grew up and decided that one day I would find “Answers” to these experiences that others could not understand.

My journey through life got me in touch with a number of Living Masters and I always find "Answers" when I look within - "YOUR PERSPECTIVE IS ALWAYS LIMITED BY HOW MUCH YOU KNOW - EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR MIND" says Bruce Lipton Author of Biology of Belief - and this just fits in wonderfully.

When you transform your MIND you will be able to transform your BODY as well - Bruce Lipton goes on to say "A cell's life is controlled by the physical and energetic environment and not by its genes. Genes are simply molecular blueprints used in the construction of cells, tissues and organs. The environment serves as a CONTRACTOR who reads and engages those genetic blueprints and is ultimately responsible for the character of a cell’s life. It is a single cell's 'awareness' of the environment, not its genes, that sets into motion the MECHANISMS OF LIFE

Not everything that is written and explored by others is true - find the confidence and courage to explore life from your own perspective and find answers to all your queries - your clarifications - your doubts - YOU ARE THE ANSWER - RECONNECT TO YOUR INNER RESOURCES and manifest a HEALTHY BODY A REFLECTIVE MIND AND A HOLISTIC LIFE

Hypnotherapy - Treating Unsuspected Sources of Physical and Mental Disease


Blossom Furtado

[This article is published in B POSITIVE - A Health and Lifestyle Magazine - Apollo Hospitals publication - January 2010 issue]

A journey through a stirring story of a young girl, where hypnotherapy is the hero.

It was a lovely, warm, bright Sunday evening. The flowers in the garden are swaying in the light breeze. There is a constant rustle of the leaves as the wind passes through. Everything is perfect in the garden as the maid sets out the table for tea for this family of ten.

There is chatter as the family walks up to the table and seat themselves at their designated places to share their week's adventures. There is the head of the family, Dadaji, his wife, their two sons and their wives and his four grand children - two girls and two boys - all aged between 4 and sixteen years of age. The children eagerly tuck into the homemade cookies and cake, specially baked for them by their grandmother.

Two gardeners maintain the family's large garden. Prachi, the sixteen-year old bubbly granddaughter is very interested in the wide variety of the garden's flora, and takes keen interest in gardening. She is particularly fond of the senior gardener whom she addresses as Baba. Baba for his part, adores Prachi as she loves the garden and the trees and plants and flowers in much the same way that he does.

Trouble in Paradise

Life went on as usual for his family until Prachi turned 21. Instead of spending time with her friends and family, she would often be found in the garden tending to the plants or attempting to mow the lawn. She became quiet and reserved and would keep to herself. Her conversation in the family was restricted to the basis needs and she spent most of her time in the garden on her own.

At first, her family felt that this was a part of growing up - maybe she just preferred to be on her own. But soon it got worse. Prachi would wake up early, tend to the garden, and then go back to sleep. She would sleep almost all day, skipping meals at times, and wake up again towards the evening to again be on her own. Her food intake became almost minimal, and many times she would skip even having a bath, as she felt very tired. She stayed indoors most of the time.

Seeking Help

After three months, her family sought help from specialists. The tests revealed nothing, and she was referred to a psychologist and subsequently, also to a psychiatrist. But despite treating her for two years and prescribing drugs, they could not identity what was troubling Prachi, and there was no relief from the problem.

When a cousin who came down from the US suggested hypnotherapy, the family brought her to my clinic. I remember the day Prachi visited my clinic. She was beautifully attired in a designer yellow salwar suit. Her hair was shoulder length - not styled but trimmed, and her accessories were in line with what was currently in vogue. But her expression was sad and forlorn.

I asked her to fill up a form that is the usual practice in the clinic, and I observed her as she went about putting down the various details. Her parents sat next to her, but she never looked at them to ask for any validation or to seek any support. I saw a quiet determination of a soul that wanted to heal as she went about writing down her true feelings. In response to, "Describe in your own words what is your challenge/issue," she wrote: "I feel tired and lonely. I want to talk to my family, but cannot pick up the strength to do so. I do not feel like eating. Whenever I eat any food, I feel I would be sick. I just want to lie down, and feel more comfortable when I do so. I am tired and lonely." To "What is it that you want to achieve from this therapy?" she wrote, "I want to be Prachi."

Accessing the Source of Her Physical Issue

I took her into a session, relaxing her, motivating her and empowering her. I reminded her that if she wanted to be Prachi then she needed to relax and heal herself. I took her into a state of deep relaxation - we call this a Passive State - something we go through twice everyday - every morning when we wake up, and every night when we go to sleep. This is a state where we are not fully aware but are conscious enough to still use our five senses. In this relaxed passive state, we are able to access the causes of our physical, mental and emotional disturbances, guided by a hypnotherapist.

I asked her to find out in her Energy System what was causing her to be tired and lonely. There was a flurry of activity - her body shivered, her hands began twitching, her face was quivering and she became restless. I held her hand and reminded her that if she wanted to be Prachi then she needed to go through this process to heal herself.

I then took her through the process, letting her experience an altered state of consciousness by relaxing the conscious mind and accessing the energy field around her through her subconscious mind. As she relaxed, her restlessness ceased and there was a calm and tranquillity. I asked her to look around and requested for the source that caused her to be tired and lonely. And she - very softly - told me that the gardener, whom she called Baba, appeared. He was standing in her healing space or energy field. She described what he was wearing and how he looked as he stood in front of her, and said, "He says he is tired and lonely."

Healing and Releasing the Energy

Healing and releasing Energy is a process filled with unconditional love and forgiveness and a win-win-win for the therapist, client and the disembodied entity. In about 90 minutes, the process was completed. Prachi came back to her Conscious Fully Awake State. She woke up from the recliner, looking fresh yet tired. Her face was flowing and there was an aura of peace and tranquility around her. She looked at me but did not say anything. Her body language said it all - "Thank you!"

What I had just released was an Earthbound Entity - the disembodied spirit of the gardener Baba who had died three years ago, and stayed back on Earth because it could not make the transition into the higher realms after physical death. I had guided it back into the Light.

What Happened to Prachi

The old gardener Baba had died suddenly of a heart attack. He did not want to leave the loving and safe environs of the garden in which he worked and stayed back. Prachi was the one who visited the garden often and was fond of the plants and trees. The gardener had a fondness for Prachi when he was alive and that emotion enabled him to attach himself to Prachi. Baba the gardener was old, tired and lonely and he passed on these emotions and physical manifestations to Prachi when he attached his energy to hers. Prachi was not aware of this, and over time, grew tired and lonely being influenced by the gardener's energy.

Once this disembodied entity was located and released, Prachi was now able to function with her own energy, which was bubbly and vibrant. She returned to her normal self almost immediately, and within two weeks, was "Prachi" the happy-go-lucky young woman, who now went about her life exactly as any other 23-year-old would.

A healing was accomplished - a young woman got back her life and a disembodied spirit was guided back onto the Source to go forward on his journey either to choose another body and return to the Earth plane or take a break and rest in the metaphysical realms.

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