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Dear Ma'am,
It is approx 3years before when I interacted with HSI, Rachit & Blossom ma'am. It was that period when I was searching for some remedies for my physical, mental & over all issues. And, yes HSI was the platform which groomed me & my life. A girl who was exhausted from every aspect of her life, started to live positively & with more awareness. I am really blessed to have guides like Blossom ma'am & Rachit in my life who have always motivated me to come up with a best version of mine each day.
Mrinalini Siingh - Director at JayMahakaal
Dear Ma'am,
I just wanted to write in to thank you for all the help and healing. When I came to you I was broken and dejected. After the very first session with you things started to look better and all the time you spent with me helped me look at the same situation differently and try other ways of solving a problem rather than spending my time crying about things that had gone wrong. Thank you for helping me live a better life. The world needs more people like you.
Vasudha M Trikha
Dear Ma'am,
Wow ! The 3 days I spent understanding what is hypnotherapy and how it works has really opened my eyes to so many things... I came here with all those misconceptions that hypnotherapy is like some magic stuff that people do and you are no longer in control. Today I realise its nothing like it. I was lucky to be chosen to do a demonstration session with Dr Furtado during the workshop and after the session I feel so much more in control, so relaxed and so light. I am excited to be able to use what I know to help other people live better lives like what Dr Furtado is doing for us. Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful method of healing.
Rohit Andrade - At the Level 1 Workshop
Dear Ma'am,
Your insights on how to calm and control the mind has worked wonders for me. After my meetings with you I have learnt to live a positive, balanced and happy life. Thank you for your support.
Alka Marwah
Dear Ma'am,
What an incredible workshop. I had done Hypnotherapy Level 1 six years back with another Hypnotherapist and the session was dull and boring and I left feeling confused. I have just finished a Level 2 with Dr Blossom Furtado and she was incredible. Her insights into everyday issues were amazing and seeing the work she does I am inspired and motivated to be part of a team that can change the world. Heres to a more peaceful and happier world.
G.P. Sharma
Dear Ma'am,
Dr Blossom Furtado came to my school today to talk about Drugs and the effect they have on people. Before the lecture began I thought it would be another boring 2 hours like a long Science class. But the moment Dr Furtado started talking I sat up and listened. She explained to us what Drugs are and how they affect our body. She explained to us the damage that it causes to our mental and our physical selves. Sometimes we really do get carried away by what our friends smoking. But after todays session I feel a healthy body is so much better than a moments high. I always knew that Drugs and Cigarettes are harmful for us but I didn't realise the extent to which they cause harm. Thank you mam for taking the time to explain this to us. I WILL JOIN THE FIGHT TOWARDS A DRUG FREE WORLD !
C.D. - G D Goenka World School
Dear Ma'am,
I have just completed a Level 1 training with you. After this very intense, informative and interesting workshop with you and your team however I do have a bit of feedback for you. Could you please have more of these workshops in more places around the country so that more people could come and learn how to expand their thinking, understand themselves and appreciate life better. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.
Dear Blossom,
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. You reached out your hand and have put me back on track. I feel like a weight has lifted from my head and my vision has become clearer. I can now be a better wife, a better mom, a better boss, a better person. Thank you again.
Richa T - Dehradun
Dear Blossom,
Thanks for the initiative you are taking in raising the awareness of hypnotherapy and CHII at Mystic World 2005. It is only through these team efforts that we will be able to build up hypnotherapy as a profession in India. I know you will be successful in this effort. Love
Sunny Satin - August 2005
Dear Ma'am,
May God bless you. I was directed to you in June 2007 and since then my whole self changed..... I feel I have got a new birth and I am starting afresh with a clean slate.
Dr D
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