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If you have a Deep Innate Desire to Be More Successful in All You Do and then Reach out and Make a Difference to Others as well through a Modality that Explores - Discovers - Reframes - Resolves and Transforms at the Deep Subconscious Level of the Mind - look at our Courses - Workshops and Individual Counselling

This is our Pioneering Workshop on Soul Mind Body - Brings about Awareness of the Soul and its Purpose to come to Planet Earth - how the Mind - a Subtle Body like the Soul accompanies the Soul to record the happenings through the actions of the Physical Body - the choices we make before we enter the Physical body - how contamination happens through our human development and how we go from EASE to Disease - through deep Navigations at a deep altered state we show you how to release old programs - talk to your body parts - find resolutions and work on them to take your Body back from discomfort to Comfort - from Pain to No Pain and from Disease to Ease - Understand how the Limbic System in your Physical body works in sync with the Endocrine and Immune System to keep your body Healthy at all times - use Love - Forgiveness and Gratitude to access Good Health - ask for more details.....

Discover the origin of your Human Journey - understand the Journey of your Soul - the choices you made - your Purpose here on Earth and much much more as you go through a deep Navigation to experience Relaxation and the Light that you truly are.....

In the Beginning there was neither Existence nor Non Existence - all this World was Unmanifest Energy - Hymn of Creation - The Rig Veda - understand at the Workshop how we can shift and Transform our Energy from ill health to HEALTH - from Sickness to WELLNESS

Learn Yoga and through the Yoga postures access the deep parts of your Inner world and release and heal yourself - every time you get into that posture you will consciously let go and heal and return yourself to WELLNESS.....

Access NLP Techniques that you can use to have Positive Thoughts - Clean Clear Happy Feelings - an Energetic System and a Healthy Body with Exercise - Diet and Positive Language and more.....

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