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AFFIRMATIONS are proven methods of Self Empowerment
they have the ability to Rewire our Brain and like Exercise they raise our FEEL GOOD Hormones and Motivate us to create New Ways of Thinking - New Neuropathways

and all our Students - Trainers and Therapists
are invited to join this Group
The Purpose and Intention Of this Group
Awaken and unleash the best in you
Reinforce the essence of this
simple daily habit
Build a community of support
guidance and learning.....
The Modus of this Group is
Every Saturday specific theme based Affirmations are shared addressing key attributes
The key attributes are pre decided and kept as the theme for a week or more based on their importance and relevance
Twice a day - in the Morning and in the Evening - Reminders to do the affirmation are posted
Members use these affirmations in the morning as they wake up and in the evening before they go to Sleep
Members share their experiences during the week to Support - Motivate - Guide - Understand and Learn from each other
Transformation shared using affirmation

Hello friends - I told Blossom mam during my level 3 classes that I would like to apply the use of Affirmations in handling children with behavioral issues - I picked up 4 of children ( 9 yrs ) who were labelled as disturbing, arrogant and restless children with low focus in day today activities - I had cognitive sessions with them - I taught them the deep breathing relaxation technique with appropriate affirmation - It is been two months now - They have shown remarkable changes in their behavior and improved in all the areas of learning - I have not even completed level II demo - I have not done any session with them - Yet I could make a difference in their life with appropriate AFFIRMATIONS
Thank you Blossom mam for enriching me with Confidence and Suggestions for Affirmations.....

Really the affirmations do wonders in our lives - My wife is doing affirmations since 2006 - In the beginning I did not believe that affirmations work yet after doing 1 2 3 levels I understood the power of affirmations
Thanks to soul Blossom and team.....

Thanks mam - you have given path to happiness - good health - peaceful life with the help of affirmation - hope you will give me in future also
accept my good wishes for the New Year - 2019.....

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