Yesterday as I went about my daily chores I felt a sudden tug – little nudges as if to go a certain way – this happens all the time – I know it is someone who has lost their way and is asking for Metaphysical directions – I close my eyes and show them the way – and these tugs and nudges go away as I feel a deep peace come over me. However yesterday this did not happen and right through the day I kept experiencing these tugs and nudges and no amount of effort would take it away.

I went to sleep asking for an answer as to what was happening and as I slept I had a Dream – The Dream is even now very vivid – in the dream I was watching in the dawn a City come alive with all life forms – going about finding work – food – relationships – everything that is needed to keep life going. At one frequency there is Peace and Calm – at another there is Clarity and Focus – and at the Frequency of the Human Being there is Confusion – Dishonesty – Disrespect – Anger – Pain. As the day settles down and Twilight approaches all Life forms find their way home and curl up and go to sleep peacefully in Love and Gratitude.

At the Frequency of the Human Being whilst with some of them there is the same semblance of order as with the other life forms – in others and this is a majority – there is a riot of confusion – they are restless – confused – running here and there – screaming – shouting – wailing – moaning – groaning and finally falling asleep with Anger and Pain.

I feel a deep sadness as I watch this restlessness – this pain – this misunderstanding – and I wake up – the Air-conditioner is on – it is chill – yet I am sweating and there is a deep ache in my heart – I sit up and ask for guidance – is there something wrong with my body I ask? And in that moment of not being fully awake – I hear a far away Voice coming from somewhere in the Wilderness say to me the following – I write it down and am sharing it so that everyone who reads this can take responsibility to change “Life” on our beautiful Planet so that everyone like all the other Life Forms can live every moment of their Life with Love and Gratitude


Life is a Journey of Ups and Downs – some of you understand this and take Action – some understand it for a short while and forget it the next moment – some just do not understand anything and continue to blame and take no action.  Those who understand and take Action need to continue to stay at that Frequency and more and more will be awakened to that frequency – So Walk your Path with Love and Gratitude with no Expectations – You come Alone and you will Go Alone – so do your Work Alone and others will Follow


I now understood – these were directions for us on this Planet from the Metaphysical Realm – We have lost our Way and they needed to show us the Way

This message is for all those LIGHT WORKERS who Love themselves – Trust themselves – Respect themselves – Live a Life of Dignity and Abundance – Face challenges in all areas of their Wheel of Life and yet continue undaunted to work tirelessly to make a Difference to Self and to our Life on this Planet and leave Footprints on the Sands of Life as we Journey through our Beloved Planet.

Blossom Furtado
19 July 2015

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