While we take care of the Body through Relief, Support and Evacuation – it is also appropriate to take care of what is happening to us in our Mind – what are the quality of the thoughts – are they positive or negative – are we storing it for reference at a later date or are we looking at it as a one time occurrence and dealing with it

In situations when we suddenly get separated from our loved ones, are physically jolted by nature, caught in unnatural situations etc., our Mind kicks in with the natural fight-flight approach. Sometimes in the suddenness of things it can gets overwhelming resulting in “Trauma”

Trauma is essentially an emotional reaction to an unexpected sudden event such as accidents, death, natural disasters etc.
Our immediate human reaction is shock and denial which can then translate into anger and depression and lie there – Long term reaction at times can include flashbacks, fear psychosis with respect to specific triggers, emotional swings.

This happens because this moment of “Crisis” gets imprinted in the Mind exactly as you experience and feel it with all the unexpected dramatic feelings present at the time as a “Trauma” The impact of Trauma is often deeply repressed and imprinted in our Subconscious Mind and we may not be aware of it until an ‘active out burst’ or we are highly sensitized to recognize our own emotions.
With proper counseling and therapy you can reframe the event and gain mental and emotional freedom
If you or your loved ones have been affected by the Earthquake or its aftermath please do reach out for FREE TRAUMA COUNSELING – Available until 10th May 2015
HSI Trained Therapists are available on call to guide your through. Whatsapp us with your details and we will call you back to talk to you

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