I have just returned from 5 days of a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression & Training at the awesome, serene, natural paradise of The School of Ancient Wisdom at Bangalore.

The Hypnotherapy School of India facilitates individuals to cross the bridge to visit their Soul Home – a home where only pure unconditional love, compassion and harmony exist and to understand some of the questions we have – what is the PURPOSE of this Life – the reason we chose this PHYSICAL body – who are our SOUL GROUP members – what is the reason some people invalidate and some empower us on our JOURNEY through LIFE. These are some of the questions that we can get answers to during this Spiritual Regression. We also realize and understand an enlightened perspective and live from an even glorious awareness

Our next Spiritual Regression & Training is scheduled for August and details are on the website.

Love and Light to all those beautiful people who supported this journey and to all those who courageously journeyed back home and came back with enlightened awareness of how to navigate through our EARTH SCHOOL and learn all our lessons before we graduate and return home.

6th July 2014

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