A well wisher sent this to me and I felt I needed to share this with you all as well:

“Did you know that all of the “I LOVE YOU’s” you feel and say are captured and recorded?  They’re actually put on display and sometimes even paraded around, so that all can bask in their SUBLIME GLOW.  By now, yours have created enough ENERGY TO POWER a city for 10,000 years, with a BEAUTY SO SUBLIME they could bring Mona Lisa to tears, and a HEALING POWER sufficient to rearrange the stars, AND THEY HAVE

This is so true in the HERE & NOW and each of you are making this happen

So Let us walk together in the BRILLIANCE of who we are and what we create so unconditionally – in the dazzling light where only LOVE can survive.  


Rejoice every moment – YOU ARE an Immortal  Spiritual Being having a Temporary Human Experience…… 

I Love you all

Blossom Furtado
28th July 2014

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